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Stephanie F
via Yelp

Our children take self defense with fusion combat and we are pleased with how much they have learned and how they continue to grow. Coach Jesse and coach Pedro create a great environment that focuses on technical skills, advocacy, responsibility and respect - skills we see our kids carry in and outside of their lessons. While our children took martial arts before Fusion Combat - their previous experience in large classes that focused on kicking speed challenges and kicking and punching through wood fell short. Fusion Combat is the best martial arts experience we have had so far. If you are looking for a great opportunity for your children to learn martial arts and learn how to be responsible community members and leaders, I highly recommend Fusion Combat.

Caldwell Shepard
via Google

It was a whole different experience for me to train Muay Thai here. My other trainees were nice, and the coach managed us all with ease. Thank you very much!

Julia Sharp
via Google

Jesse is awesome! We took the orientation class and my daughter learned so much in an hour it was amazing! I highly recommend this program because the teaching style and philosophy behind it are so beneficial and it teaches a young lady how to not only defend herself, but self esteem and discipline as well!

Brandi Rodriguez
via Google

Fusion has provided a wonderful experience for our son. The instructors are great and really understand how to work with both kids and adults. If you are looking to start your martial arts journey, there is no better place.

Angeline Bennett
via Google

Great place to learn practical self defense techniques. The instructors are all patient and knowledgeable, and the fellow students helpful, and relatable. It feels like training with family.

Jeanette Newman
via Google

Great group of people to learn and train with with. In addition, great customer service.

Kris Beck
via Google

Great atmosphere; the Fusion's employees are polite and appear to enjoy what they do. Keep up the excellent job.

Lynne Cross
via Google

My two boys have enjoyed the classes very much. They have learned great techniques for defense and it has helped them with discipline and self confidence and above all to burn off some energy! They love it every time we come!! I totally recommend these classes!

John Atkinson
via Google

Great facilities, really professional attention and details focused training.

Morris Bryan
via Google

Amazing place to learn martial arts and for staying in shape and to learn self defense.

Leo Adams
via Google

Awesome self Defense classes and a great environment. Whether you want to improve your martial arts or just get a great workout, this is definitely a great place for both.

Bellal Zulali
via Google

Lot of fun. Jesse is a great instructor and will work with your schedule. Once you get comfortable with the basics and begin grappling and striking drills with other students, the classes become way more rewarding and practical.

Jake Hayworth
via Google

Fusion combat is a great place to learn applicable self defense and meet cool people. The instructors do a great job teaching no matter what your skill level.

Tim H.
via Google

The best decision I made was to take the first step to see what this is all about. Short story - some history with martial arts. In comparison to Fusion, it was really more like a kick boxing class. A little older so the '70's body and skills have long since resigned. With Fusion, you will find movement with a purpose and the stepping stones to grow physically and mentally. It will build coordination, physical fitness and confidence. You will find professionalism and fun with everyone working toward the same goals and supporting each other along the way. That only comes from great leadership. If my schedule would allow, I would be there daily! I encourage everyone to check out Fusion. It is a place that I have sought for a long time. Simply put, It Fits!

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